Creative solutions in
Quantitative Risk

Welcome to VB Advisory

Our consultancy team consists of a select group of experienced quantitative advisors. Those with a quantitative background who own a specific set of skills helping to provide you with efficient, methodical and structured solutions, tailor-made to your business requirements.

VB Advisory offers a range of advisory and interim services to banks and other financial institutions. VB Advisory also aims to provide consistent and high-quality services, addressing clients’ strategic and operational obstacles in the risk, finance and treasury sectors. We provide support in the design, development and implementation of practical solutions to challenges driven by the ever-changing environment. This includes addressing external demands, such as the ever-changing regulations and reporting requirements, but also internal developments such as the design or enhancement of management information processes.

In addition to our interim services, we specialize in introducing young professionals with quantitative backgrounds (econometrics) to your business environment and culture. For every interim position allocated, we offer our clients the option to give our young professional a permanent role within their company.